Stakeholders meeting on gender equality and linkages


HANDLE Uganda under the 3rd objective of the GBV project, held a stake holders meeting in Alero Sub County, Nwoya District to discuss the progress, gaps and challenges in the project implementation. A one day meeting was held on the 31/7/2019 to share experiences learnt and looking for ways forward.

Overview of stakeholders Meeting

To effectively coordinate and create linkages for support to other technical persons, HANDLE Uganda conducted a stakeholders meeting to discuss best approaches and strategies to Promoting Comprehensive Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence among the communities of Nwoya district.

Basing on the above, the meeting helped and reviewed best practices for the period of 6 months, identified program gaps and challenges and developed ideas that can move this process forward and created effective channel for linkages to address women rights issues in the district. Specifically, the followings are the outcome of the meeting;

  1. Created effective referral services with the health facilities for the survivors of the SGBV including legal and Psychosocial support for the SGBV survivors
  2. Effective coordination of the GBV activities at both sub county and district level Coordination with the GBV shelter
  3. Created networks and linkages as an essential component that provides synergies for the program to build upon from a point of advantage to a point of strength.

Strengthened HANDLE and other stakeholders in the development and management of communications with other organizations for a joint support to assist the SGBV survivors and the vulnerable members of the community

One of HANDLE’s strategy for project implementation is participatory approach of engaging relevant stakeholders especially district/sub county technical team, police, political leaders, developments partners, cultural and religious leaders, and project beneficiaries to make the program more holistic and inclusive of all actors. The stakeholders meeting/dialogue is a forum that brings together all persons or organizations that are actively involved in contributing and adding values towards comprehensive prevention and response to gender based violence in Nwoya district, or whose interests may be positive in supporting people in need and those who can exert influence over the project and its deliverables and contribute to comprehensive approach and empowerment concepts that would help to break the circle of poverty and social contraction that is affecting women and girls into a virtuous circle of well-being.

The stake holders meeting held in Alero Sub County,Nwoya district was attended by over 76 participants who included the Nwoya District technical and political teams, Alero Sub County officials, the Role model men, cultural and religious leaders from Alero Sub County, women representatives from the VSLA groups, development partners, representative from omoana, and the staff from HANDLE Uganda

During the meeting, the coordinator HANDLE Uganda presented a midyear report in relation to HANDLE’s GBV project implementation in the sub county of Alero. A copy of the presentation is attached to this report. This was followed by reactions from the various stakeholders from both the sub county and the District technical team present.

Findings from stakeholder’s reactions

As a result of the GBV project implementation, the police reported reduction in the number of cases reported to the police post on monthly basis.

HANDLE was appreciated for the approach of using Role Model Men as a strategy for reducing GBV case and improving service delivery in the community. It was reported to have helped in reducing cases of land conflict in the community, and therefore the approach was recommended by the stakeholders in the District.

The report from the Role Model Men also showed that domestic violence cases is still leading in the sub county, followed by land conflicts and sexual violence.

The clan chief of Alero also reported challenges in mediation of land conflict brought about by high expectation for money amongst the cultural leaders.

HANDLE has been applauded for the great work in reducing GBV in Nwoya by both the District and the Sub County of Alero. For that matter, Nwoya District Local Government promised to always support HANDLE there is need.



Concealment of defilement and forced marriage cases amongst the community members in for favor of bribes. A number of defilement cases are usually not reported to police because the guardian/parents to the survivors receive money from the perpetrators and therefore cases end up not being reported to police.

Inadequate transports to bring the survivors to the health centers and police to go and arrest the perpetrators. This challenge has led many cases in the community not followed up for justice to prevail.

Way forward suggested during the meeting

Strong coordination amongst the stakeholders to ensure information flow on GBV cases in the community of Alero Sub County in order for the perpetrators to be arrested.

HANDLE Uganda to continue working closely with the police, health centers and other development partners to ensure GBV survivors are supported through referrals to access services.

HANDLE Uganda will always support the transportation of the GBV survivors to access medical services before 24 hours as long as the cases are reported in time

HANDLE Uganda will continue to supporting the police to print the police from 3 to support the referrals of SGBV survivors to access medical services.

HANDLE will always hold joint community sensitizations with the sub county leaders to sensitize the community on issues related to GBV, human rights, and referral path ways to access services.

Click the video below to watch an overview of the stake holders meeting.

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