Project Knowledge, Practice and Coverage (KPC) for the SCOPE Project

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HANDLE, a respected NGO, secured funding from the VOICE Project to empower marginalized women in Northern Uganda through the strengthening Community Participation through Engagement (SCOPE) project. This project aimed to address the prevalent issues of depression, trauma, and limited community engagement among women of reproductive age. In response to the region’s challenges, including high rates of depression exacerbated by gender-based violence and limited mental health services, SCOPE proposed implementing Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Groups (IPT-G) as a psychosocial support strategy. With support from the VOICE Project, SCOPE was launched in Koch Goma and Alero Sub County, Nwoya District, targeting marginalized groups of rightsholders affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Knowledge, Practice, and Coverage (KPC) survey, implemented as part of the SCOPE project in Nwoya District, Northern Uganda, aimed to assess changes in knowledge, behaviors, and coverage related to home management, referrals, care-seeking for maternal depression treatment, exclusive breastfeeding, and WASH practices among women of reproductive age (15-49 years) in Alero and Koch Goma sub-counties. Through a multistage sampling approach and intensive training, data was collected from 287 respondents, including right holders and non-right holders. Quality control measures ensured data accuracy and integrity throughout the survey process. Analysis conducted using Microsoft Excel provided insights into key indicators and demographic data points, informing future interventions and program adjustments to better support marginalized communities in the region.

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HANDLE Uganda Documentary for the SCOPE Project

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Post IPT-G Intervention Assessment for the SCOPE Project

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