Post IPT-G Intervention Assessment for the SCOPE Project

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This report presents the outcomes of the post-Interpersonal Psychotherapy in Groups (IPT-G) assessment conducted within the framework of the Strengthening Community Participation through Engagement (SCOPE) project. The assessment aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of IPT-G intervention among Women of Reproductive Ages (WRAs) in Alero and Koch Goma, focusing on mental health indicators and interpersonal dynamics.

The SCOPE project, initiated by HANDLE, addresses the mental health challenges prevalent among marginalized groups in Northern Uganda, particularly women, children, youths, and persons with disabilities. With approximately three in ten women affected by depression, the urgency to address mental health issues in these communities is evident. IPT-G emerged as a key strategy under the SCOPE initiative to provide psychosocial support and enhance mental well-being.


Project Knowledge, Practice and Coverage (KPC) for the SCOPE Project

Background HANDLE, a respected NGO, secured funding from the VOICE...

HANDLE Uganda Documentary for the SCOPE Project

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