Transforming Communities / One Life / At a Time

About Us.

HANDLE means Hope Alert Network for Development and Local Empowerment. We work to Improve Lives and Build Lasting Peace .

HANDLE works towards a world in which war-affected communities are rehabilitated and children are never involved in armed conflict. We believe that all communities affected by conflicts should be supported and empowered to enjoy their full rights and access to a healthy psychosocial development.

All community members deserve to live dignified lives. These communities must be given opportunities and resources to meaningfully participate in shaping their future and addressing issues that concern them.

HANDLE assists children, youth, women and other vulnerable communities members who have been impacted by the devastating effects of conflict. We work to rebuild their lives and communities by empowering them with education and economic livelihood training, as well as helping to promote human rights to help transform their lives. Learn about Our History.

Learn about Our History.

Our Mission

HANDLE is committed to the delivery of programs that ensure measurable quality of work and lasting impacts for the people served.

Our Vision

A world where no child knows poverty and women have equal opportunities to men

Our Values

Ethical Behaviour, Dignity, Optimism, Service, Stewardship, Advocacy, Self-sufficiency

Our Reach

We operate is three countries affected by conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa: Uganda, South Sudan, and Somalia. Read more about our current projects.